The link between quantumphysics and the teachings of the ancient mystery schools

Many experiments have been made, and with every new advancement in quantum physics, more and more information points to the fact that at the core of all existence lies a pure energetic network that seems to intertwine in ways that construct our reality.

This energy that makes up all existence contains all the information of all there is, was and ever will be. The tangled web of information is what creates essentially us and everything around us and we owe it our consciousness and perception.

Scientific finds have shown that everything in the universe is strangely connected on some level in what is called a “quantum entanglement”.In experiments they have made, they discovered that once particles have interacted, they remain connected, or energetically “entangled” and will remain affected by one another, no matter the physical distance.

So at every moment we humans are influenced by the consciousness of everything around us past and present.

This is what the mystery schools were working with, how to affect and impact that invisible network of influence for the better. In other words how to change the vibration of what is present in and around us to benefit us and our environment. 


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