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We love to learn and to get inspired by other people who walked the path of the ancient mystery school before us. This is a hand-picked list of some of our favourite books or resources written or produced by initiates. You are very welcome to message us with questions or ideas you might have about these.

Rudolf Steiner: The Way of Initiation


Excerpts: About the Mystery Schools and how to develop your spiritual senses
…”In every man there are latent faculties by means of which he may acquire for himself knowledge of the higher worlds. The mystic, master, theosophist, or gnostic speaks of a soul-world and a spirit-world, which are, for him, just as real as the world which we see with our physical eyes, or touch with our physical hands. And those who wish to develop the spiritual senses, which unfold psychic knowledge, should understand that safe advice can be given only by those who have already developed such power within themselves. As long as the human race has existed, there have been lodges and schools in which those who possessed these higher faculties have given instruction to those who were in search of them. “…
The book as PDF can be downloaded here

C. G. Jung: Modern Man in Search of a Soul


Excerpts: About the difference between what he calls primitive men (what we would call tribal men) and the modern man
..”Primitive man's belief in arbitrary power does not arise out of thin air, as was always supposed, but is grounded in experience. What we have always called his superstition is justified by the grouping of chance occurrences. There is a real measure of probability that unusual events will coincide in time and place. [….] Our observation is inadequate because our point of view leads us to overlook these matters. For instance, in a serious mood it would never occur to us to take the following events as a sequence: in the morning a bird flies into your room, an hour later you witness an accident in the street, in the afternoon a relative dies [..] and, on coming home late at night, you find that you have lost your key. Primitive man would not have overlooked a single item in this chain of events, for every new link would have answered to his expectations. And he is right-he is much more nearly right than we are willing to admit. […] Such a day, he holds, is ill-omened, and on it nothing should be undertaken. In our world this would be reprehensible superstition, but in the world of primitive man it is highly appropriate shrewdness. In that world man is far more exposed to accidents than we in our protected and well-regulated existence. When you are in the wilderness you dare not take too many chances. The European soon comes to appreciate this.”…

Paulo Coelho: The alchemist


…”No matter what he does, every person on earth plays a central role in the history of the world. And normally he doesn’t know it”…

…”I am an alchemist simply because I’m an alchemist. I learned the science from my grandfather, who learned from his father, and so on, back to the creation of the word. In those times, the Master Work could be written simply on an emerald. But men began to reject simple things, and to write tracts, interpretations and philosophical studies. They also began to feel that they know a better way than others had. Yet the Emerald Tablet is still alive today.”..[..] It is like the flight of those hawks, it can not be understood by reason alone. ”…


Theresa Bullard: Consciousness in the Quantum Paradigm

Gaia TV Course

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