When we enter a new space, we can often get a strong sense of the energy within it. We know that some spaces can feel uncomfortable, eerie or draining, whereas others can feel calming, warm and welcoming. What you might not know is that you can shift the energy of any space, allowing all those who enter it to benefit and feel good simply by being there.

Emotions and highly charged events can leave traces within a space and these can be cleared using a space blessing. Once we’ve carried out the blessing, we’ll thoroughly seal the room in order to preserve, protect and enhance the energy that’s created.

Step 1: Space Clearing and Healing

To remove past imprints from previous occupants and ‘clear’ any negative energy that’s left behind, the practitioner will use sacred geometry, clearing herbs, rituals and special mantras. This is a wonderful way of creating a relaxing, inviting and positive atmosphere for your spa, restaurant, private home - or any other space! It’s ideal to do when you’ve just moved into a new home, as it helps to make the space feel like your own, reducing any negative energy from previous occupants.

Depending on the need of the space this can require a team, so prices vary according to the size of the space and your specific needs.

Level 1 300GBP/room
Level 2 600-900 GBP/Room

Step 2: Gridding and Sealing

Space Gridding & Blessings work to create a wonderful environment that lasts. As part of this process, a ceremony is performed which involves strategically placing crystals in a geometrically sacred pattern. This step lifts the energy of any space to provide protection, wholeness, abundance and manifestation. It allows the space to be restored, and to feel pure, calm and light. It can be carried out following step 1  - in order to maintain continuous, relaxing energy and to infuse your space with a specific purpose. The grid is done using crystals, the below photo shows how they get connected to the ceiling of the rooms. They are quite small so not really visible from distance.

Prices vary according to size of space and specific needs. The below are an indication based on past projects.

The God Consiousness Grid
This grid can be done for the entire space (e.g the whole footprint of a house) and will create a wonderful calm and elevated energy of a very high vibration in a lasting way.

Cost: 2200£ (includes level 1 clearing)
Protection Grid
In addition to the God COnsicousness Grid we can set-up protection grids for each room which will create a calm and serene environment and help with keeping thouhgts and emotions positive. The two grids work wonderfully in combination and everyone who has had them done notices a big shift to the space.

Costs: 300£/room (includes level 1 clearing)

The grid is done using crystals, the below photo shows how they get connected to the ceiling of the rooms. They are quite small so not really visible from distance.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 13.57.14.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 13.59.28.png


“The crystal grids transformed our house into a tranquil space that everyone feels at home in. We have both noticed how quiet our home is, even though we live in central London, there seems to be no outside noise and even more interestingly very little mind chatter to distract us. I highly recommend this to all.” Robin and Kate Batram-Brown (Entrepreneurs)

“In comparison of other places I lived it felt crystalline, clean, easy to focus and create, any disharmony resolved much quicker, purer thought process. Many people who came (including neighbours from the same block) commented on how serene and sacred and nourishing the space felt. We held a lot of beautiful gatherings and creative projects there and I’m sure that was made possible by the grids.” S.S. (Musician)

For Special Occasions: Temple Setting

We can create the energy of a temple setting for special occasions or ceremonies such as weddings, baby showers, a home birth, seminars or any other event where you want to create a sacred space.

You and your guests will feel a sense of stillness, purity and sacredness in the space that will give your special occasion a totally different feel and experience.

Prices vary according to the length of the event and your specific needs.