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Talk at The Hut: How does your Energy affect your Relationships?

This exclusive DWB workshop will help you understand how energy is at the root of all relationships we are involved in. Before we perceive what is said or done in any situation we perceive positive or negative energy. So how can we ensure we get the best out of interactions with the people we care about?

In this interactive talk, we will explore how to:

Master our energy level and keep thoughts and emotions positive.
Strengthen our energetic boundaries to stand up for ourselves
Deal with other people's judgements so they don't affect us
Return to an inner sense of balance after a difficult conversation
At our next gathering at the Hut on 3rd October, our special guest Tanmaya George will speak on this subject and share some practical guidance so you can learn how to overcome energetic challenges.

The session will be followed by snacks and drinks as always while you meet and chat with like-minded people. Due to the personal nature of the event, privacy of our guests will be respected.