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There’s a place that exists inside all of us that’s peaceful, strong,  free and solidly rooted - all at the same time. A place that’s elevated beyond anxiety, emptiness or pain. A place where you’re truly connected to your gifts, allowing you to actively use them with a sense of purpose.

Over time our disconnected world has made us lose sight of who we really are, leaving us feeling lost and empty. Yet  if take a step back, we’ll realise that the answers have always been there, within us all.

For thousands of years ancient mystery schools have existed across the globe,  tapping into the knowledge that awakens enlightenment, wisdom and understanding - for those who seek to know themselves. These time-tested methods are incredibly safe and effectively pave the way to true spiritual progression and healing. They open you up to new ways of being, to a sense of lightness,  joy and passion in every area of your life, while connecting you to the true nature of your being.

When you explore the path of these ancient hermetic teachings, you’ll join the likes of
Carl Jung
Leonardo Da Vinci
Rudolf Steiner
David Bowie
and many more of history’s greats,
who’ve all been initiated into this ancient lineage. 

So if you’re ready to feel empowered, to claim a life of joy, to experience love, to ignite passion, to regain clarity, and to unearth your sense of purpose and freedom - we’re here to serve you.

We, Tanmaya & Kodo are fellow seekers that have had the honour to receive training in this lineage through the Modern Mystery School and we are here to share the healings and classes with you that have made an incredible difference in our life.


 INCENTRE is affiliated with the Modern Mystery School.


Where to start

The first step to knowing ourself,  
welcoming the new
creating space for joy,
is to
release negative events and influences from the past.

The following session is what we most often recommend to start-off this healing journey.


Life Activation

This is a one-off session that starts a deep healing which goes back 5 generations and helps to resolve and clear deep patterns.

It’s purpose is to reconnect you with your true original blueprint, your gifts and essence. Layers that could the connection to this original self gently get released.

In combination with the cord-cutting this session also allows to release difficult past experiences and to let go of negativity associated with these (e.g. traumatic experienced). As a result the healing is accelerated.

Video Series

Learn more about how to change your energy to create a positive environment inside and outside of yourself. Everything is vibration and when we learn how to transform vibration we can change our thoughts and emotions.


Metaphysical Life Skills

Part 1: Life Skills for Empaths
Part 2: Understanding Emotions
Part 3: 4 Elements & Manifesting


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